Starting up a blog

Hey! Welcome to my blog 🙂 The reason why I started up this thing is to serve up two purposes (of course that can always change in the future):


- I want to document my forex trading series.  I've tried journals before but making them public and easily accessible will allow me to commit more to the program.  I will soon be doing a recap of my previous trade and posting more as I make more trades.  You can see that as a link on the side bar of my blog.


- Write about anything interesting.  I try to learn as much as I can ever since I enrolled in University.  Since Statistics and Finance are very empirical, I often have cool and new ideas for stocks, currencies, companies, etc that I would like to research more into.  Allowing myself to have an outlet to store and go over the information will significantly help in grounding and connecting my knowledge in the subject.

Hope you enjoy what I have to offer! 😀

- Kevin Pei

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